• Choose your items and Frequency

    Create an account to customize your subscription produce bundle and choose how frequently you'll receive delivery.

  • Fresh Produce Delivered

    The FRESHEST greens are delivered TO YOUR DOOR just hours after harvest

  • Bag & Ice pack Recycling

    At each delivery, we'll pick up your reusable grocery bag and ice pack from the previous delivery to be sanitized and reused.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I get my delivery?

Harvests and deliveries take place the Monday through Friday each week, depending on your zipcode. Subscription payments are processed Saturdays at 1:00 AM CST, for the following week's orders.

How long does the produce last?

Our produce lasts up to 4x longer than the grocery store, because we harvest and deliver on the same day. Rather than wasting shelf life on a truck, you receive the full nutritional benefit and shelf life of the produce!

Who delivers my produce?

Clayton Farms' delivery drivers hand-deliver every bundle. We love interacting with our subscribers, so feel free to introduce yourself and help us make the experience better for all

Can I cancel, pause, change or skip deliveries?

You can cancel, pause, or skip deliveries any time before your subscription renews on a Saturday. Just visit your account page, and click the "manage subscription" button.